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Demand for driving lessons are at a record high and we are looking to expand our amazing team to meet the demand of learner drivers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a back-log of around 500,000 driving test with thousands more turning 17 each day. We have never seen anything quite like it.


We are looking for hard working, like minded people to join our team. Maybe you're looking for a career change or perhaps want to to be free of the 9-5 rat-race?

If this is you, read on.


We believe our training packages offer the best value for money - training built for you and around your commitments.

Award winning training, provided to you for less.

Why become a Driving Instructor?

The reasons could be endless, but we've picked what we believe to be the 'Top 4 Reasons Why I Should Become a Driving Instructor'.


Timing. Now couldn't be a better time to become a driving instructor. Demand for lessons and lesson prices are at a record high in all areas we cover.


Fantastic earning potential. 

£30,000+ is more than achievable in your first year of trading - after costs.


Start training immediately.

Our driving instructor courses begin with online training, allowing you to begin immediately. Prepare for your Part 1 exam from day one.


Our Guarantees.

If you train and pass with us, we guarantee you a membership offer with Podium. Giving you instant access to a business model that is designed to see you succeed. 

We can even sponsor your Trainee Licence, meaning you can continue to earn an income whilst honing your skills.

Passionate about your success!

We are passionate about training the right people for the role we play in our communities. Therefore its just as important we provide the highest quality driving instructor training.

Teaming up with one of the industry's leading training providers, we are able to bolt onto our existing success in driver training and offer an award winning and professional training package that people recognise and trust.


As a trainee driving instructor (PDI - Potential Driving Instructor), you will be provided with all the tools & support you need.

But we go beyond this, our training and support go on to ensure we enable you to create a highly profitable and successful business and career.

We are a family run business with a true team & family ethos. We build and support businesses from the ground up, not just a franchise for a fee.

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Training Guide

Request a PDF copy of our comprehensive driving instructor training guide.

adi training courses

ADI Training Courses

View all of our driving instructor courses, including payment options.

A little more detail

Can I become a driving instructor?

Can i become a driving instructor To become an Approved Driving Instructor, you must satisfy the following criteria: You held a full UK or EU licence for 3 years. Your application maybe refused if you have 5 or more penalty points. You are able to read a regular size number plate from a distance of 27.5 metres (90 feet) with glasses if required? You have no non-motoring convictions that would prevent you from being on the Driving Instructors Register? Check your eligibility here

Flexible & affordable driving instructor training built around you.

Our online training maerials are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Part 1, 2 & 3 available seperately or blended as a complete course - begining to end Full blended course bundles come with huge savings Payment plans available All training available to buy on pay-as-you-go basis if required Course breaks available

Online instructor training to support you.

  • Lesson topics and explanations with accompanying Videos that relate to your training.
  • Access to a monthly interactive training workshops are included at no extra cost. These are conducted by industry-leading trainers with many years experience in the driver training sector.
  • Expert trainer email support
  • Full ADI theory and hazard perception test mobile app access

Access to virtual classrooms

We support your in-car training with access to virtual classrooms too. Why pay £40 per hour + for some sessions when some of your training could take place from the comfort of your own home. We think that's cost effective, and we pass that saving on to you. Take part in interactive training sessions - an opportunity to share and discuss any questions that may have cropped up. We provide you with the opportunity for you to meet and talk with others who are taking the same course as you. You're never alone on our instructor courses.

What about after my training?

We of course offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the 'Pink' trainee licence. This enables you to charge an hourly rate for any lessons your deliver before taking your final Part 3 test. Podium will also offer you a guaranteed franchise / membership upon completion of your training too.

The exams you will need to pass.

Part 1 - The theory & hazard perception test

To qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor, you must first successfully complete the Part 1 exam, the theory test. 

The theory test will challenge your knowledge of the Highway Code and other aspects of driving on todays roads. 

The hazard perception test is just like that of the learner test, however, you will need to complete more clips with a higher pass mark. 

Podiums' instructor training courses will provide everything you need to ensure your well prepared and equipped to pass these tests.

You should expect the test to last approximately 90 minutes and you should score 85% or more to secure a pass.

Part 2 - The Practical Driving Test / Driving Ability

This test can only be completed after you have passed the Part 1 test. It's also good to note that the Part 2 test must now be completed within 2 years of passing the Part 1 test.

Just like on the 'L' Learner test, you will be expected to complete an eyesight check test before heading out onto the road. 

The practical driving test for potential driving instructors will last approximately 60 minutes. During which time you will drive on various roads and different levels of traffic. The examiner will also ask you to carry out all of the parking manoeuvres & emergency stop.

You will be expected to deliver a progressive drive and to a high level. 

Podium's instructor training courses provide ample time to hone your skills for the Part 2 Practical test for Driving Instructors.

Part 3 - Instructional Ability Test / Teaching Ability Test


A senior DVSA driving examiner will sit-in on a 'live' driving lesson. You may choose who this may be (a learner driver, full licence holder etc.), but may not be another PDI or qualified ADI.

You will be scored on 17 areas of competence - Your lesson must be client-centred. 

This test can only be taken after you have passed the Part 2 test, and also within 2 years of passing the Part 1 test.

Call 0330 133 3930 - Option 2, to discuss in more detail

New Opportunities for 2021!

Training & Membership Opportunities in Dartford, Kent

We are actively looking to deliver top notch lessons to people all over the UK. Therefore we are offering some great deals on franchises in new areas.

If you are already an approved driving instructor operating in a different area and are considering a change, we would love to hear from you. We offer something new and fresh, whilst giving you an opportunity to earn more.

No matter where you are based, we have a trusted brand and business model that works - with over 10 years experience.