This page should help to guide you through what to expect on your first lesson, and what you can do to help make the most of it too!

So you've purchased your driving lessons and chosen your driving instructor. Everything's now taken care of?

Fantastic! We're so pleased you decided to use Podium Driving School for your driver training.

We have plenty of free resources to help keep you calm. Give us a call for more information: 

Feeling nervous?

Prepare yourself...

There are a few things you can do to better prepare yourself for your first driving lesson.


Driving Licence

Firstly, ensure you have your driving licence to hand, your driving instructor will want to see this before you go any further.

It would also be handy to have access to the digital part of your driving licence, you can do this here.

Body Clock

Make sure you know when you are most alert and ready for learning. If your a bit of a night owl, try not to book a lesson for 8am when you are barely awake.


Make sure your wearing your most comfortable, flat shoes. Open toe and heels are a no go!

Nervous or Anxious?

Make sure you prepare any questions you might have. Don't be afraid to let your instructor know if you worried or concerned about anything, we're specialists in it so rest assured that you are in good hands.


Be prepared to make mistakes, they will happen! Smile and move on, your instructor will help you to develop methods to fix them.


If you're required to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving, make sure they are ready to go with you.


Ensure you have the means to pay for lessons continuously. Gaps in learning will hinder your progress. Try to plan financially to give yourself the best possible chance of first time success.

Treat your driving lessons just as you would for any other training course.


Have a good look through the 'Cockpit Drill' and 'Controls' in the mobile app. If you have purchased one of our workbooks or had one included in your package, make sure you fill in as much as you can. Your instructor will go through this with you when you meet them.

On the day...

Your instructor will knock at your door promptly at the agreed lesson time and introduce themselves.

The next step will be the eye-sight test. You will be asked to read a new style number plate from 20 meters away (just the same as on the day of your practical test). If you can't manage it, you may be advised to visit an optometrist. 

When you get in the car the instructor will go through any necessary paperwork i.e hand you a workbook and explain how your new progress report card works (this will help you both to plan where you need the most work at the right times).

Your instructor will take a look at your workbook and go through the answers you have given - filling in any gaps you might have. If you didn't have one, don't worry, everything will be covered throughout the lesson.

Once all the paperwork has been covered and you've broken the ice, your instructor will drive to a relatively quite area / road where you will be offered the opportunity to swap seats and finally get behind the wheel!


Your instructor is trained in delivering a client-centred course, so feel free to tell them your preferred learning style. We will always tailor the subject to your needs.

Throughout your lessons you will be asked relevant questions about the subject being covered. We would hate to have you sat there being told something you already know.

The cockpit drill...

The first part of your lesson will be what most of us call 'the cockpit drill'. This routine allows you to be in the most comfortable position for driving as well as able to reach all of the controls.

Try not to worry if you think you'll forget most of it, you will be doing it every time you get in the car from now.

Controls lesson...

This part of the lesson will test your knowledge on the controls of the car i.e foot controls, hand controls and even the ancillary controls. 

Your instructor will be very thorough when explaining their uses. If you need further information or would like a demonstration for any of them - just ask!

If you managed to whiz through these two subjects (those who use the workbook almost certainly will), then you may even get the opportunity to drive the car - moving off and stopping! #exciting

At the end of the lesson....

Hopefully you'll be beaming from ear to ear with what progress you made - even if you can remember absolutely everything!

Once your instructor has driven you back home, they will want to give you a 'de-brief'. This is an opportunity for you both to discuss how things played out (what went well / what do you need work on). Make sure you transfer any areas that need more work on your reflective log at the back of your work book, be as honest as you can.

Providing you are happy with the instructor, the car and how the tuition was delivered, you will be given the opportunity to book in your next lesson.

Remember all lessons are on a first come first serve basis, so book as far in advanced as you wish.

Finally, your instructor will fill in your progress report on the mobile app as well as provide feedback to help you on your next lesson - Remember its just as important that you too input your own reflective log each lesson too - its your licence after all.