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How to deal with Failing a Driving Test

First of all we need to accept that it just happens! If we analyse the statistics, you're up against it. The average pass rate is below 50%. Of course we could go on and on about how and why the stats are like this, but we're here to deal with the fail. And we agree, it sucks!

So what can you do to help get yourself back up, dust off and push forwards?


You've put in so much time, effort & money already. Use the momentum you've created with your driving instructor and build on it. You've gained experience of what is expected on the test and now have a clearer idea on what you need to tidy up before re-sitting your next test.

Understandably, given what the industry has gone through with Covid19 & the pandemic, it's taking longer to re-book a driving test, but we have options! Just speak to your instructor or the driving school.

2. Book Another Test

Going on from our point above - test are available, maybe there's a little longer wait, but they are available. Speak with your driving school or instructor to find out what options you have. Many people are swapping test with one another for various different reasons.

We also have the test cancellation checker you can use, with a discount too Click Here to use it. However, be mindful that using more than one of these services can actually hinder your chances of finding an earlier driving test.

If you're really struggling to find a driving test, reach out to us here

3. Keep up the practice

We've heard it so many times, someone fails a test and disappears of the radar until the test comes around again. Only to find the instructor has no space and you're left with no time to prepare again. This can quickly become a vicious circle.

Although very tempting to take a break, you momentum and potentially your confidence will take a dip between your test attempts. We highly recommend you stay on your driving instructors books, even if its an hour a week or every other week.

If this just isn't feasible, perhaps consider an option of going out with friends and family?

Using a test cancellation checker? Even more reason to keep up the practice. Some of these apps will give you very last minute test bookings (as late as tomorrow) - Good luck finding an instructor willing to hand over their keys to you.

The examiner on your driving test will have also given you some feedback along with the test report. This is so important, go back over any of the bits you found particularly challenging and deal with the issues presented and come back a better driver next time.

4. Private Practice

Why not take a drive with family or friends (no not joy ride - drive with purpose).

You can use this time to develop any skills your still developing but it's also an opportunity to build on some local knowledge in the areas the test centre use. You could even go over those manoeuvres too!?

5. Rebuild your Confidence

Right now it feels like the end of the world. Maybe a new career or job was on the line? You've put in so much time and effort to then feel like you have to start over again. Try to remain focused on the positives, what you did well on the test. Remember back to your first lesson when you knew nothing, you've come this far, far enough to even attempt a driving test.

Having taken a test, you now know what to expect. These things will work hand in hand to relief some stress and anxiety next time round. Remember... Positives!

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