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Passing the Car Theory Test, easily!

Podium Driving School is now in a position to offer more than just on-road driving tuition.

We are pleased to announce a brand new service...

Face-to-Face Theory & Hazard Perception Training

More details below.

Increase your chances of a first time theory test pass

Available from

Monday 26th April 2021

Book yourself a Theory Training Session with us.

Why we decided to launch a Theory Training Service.

We begun to learn that more and more learner drivers were simply just struggling. For various reasons, be it with time management, understanding on certain aspects of the test or generally just the confusing amount of options (Apps / DVDs and books) that are on the market.

With our training sessions, you'll be given the right materials & each session is built to YOUR needs.

What does the training session look like?

Firstly, don't worry, it's informal and relaxed.

The session will take place in our office located in Dartford (location details below).

|1. An initial phone call will take place to help us better understand what it is you require assistance with. This could be road signs, road markings or the hazard perception aspect of the test.

We will discuss any training aids you are already using and find out what has worked and what isn't.

|2. You'll then be invited to attend the office at a mutually convenient time to take your training session.

Will the session have others present?

Generally we would conduct this session in groups of no more than 4.

Social distancing measures may mean that groups are smaller than normal.

If you would like to come alone or bring a friend, that's completely up to you, we don't mind. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

If you are under 18, we would require you to bring a parent or guardian.

1-to-1 sessions can also be arranged, just let a member of the team know when you book.

Who is the trainer?

Our theory & hazard perception trainer is, Scott. A qualified and active ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). He is more than happy to take a phone call or email to answer any questions you might have before attending.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no minimum or maximum. This depends on each individual, everyone learns in different ways and at a different speed.

We will provide the support you need to succeed. When you're feeling confident that you can pass a mock exam without any support, you usually ready!

How much will it cost?

Your initial introductory session will last 40 minutes.


This session also includes

A copy of 'Know your traffic signs' soft back book


Free access to 'Driving Test Nerves Pro'.

A regular session will last at least 25 minutes.

£12.00 per session

Where to find us

Podium Driving School

Crown House

Home Gardens



*We are 30 seconds walk from Dartford train station.

Free parking available for 90 minutes in Aldi carpark

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