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Some Driving Schools are charging £46+ per hour

Rising Costs of Driving Lessons in 2024: Podium Driving School's Commitment to Accessibility and Quality

*Understanding the Driving Lesson Landscape in 2024*

In recent times, the demand for driving lessons has surged across the UK, leading to an inevitable rise in costs. Cities like Exeter now see prices starting at £46, reflecting broader economic trends and the increased operational expenses faced by driving schools.

*Facing Financial Realities*

At Podium Driving School, we recognise the financial challenges learners encounter around rising living costs. From fuel prices to costs our instructors have to bare and we also have administrative overheads, these factors collectively contribute, naturally, to higher driving lesson prices nationwide. Despite these challenges, Podium Driving School remains strong in its commitment to affordable education.

Maintaining Fair Pricing

Our dedication to providing accessible education is evident in our pricing strategy. Since our inception in 2020, our manual lessons have remained steady at £38.50, with automatic lessons at £40.00. These rates have seen only one increase over four years, underscoring our commitment to fair pricing for all learners.

Impact of Economic Factors

The economic landscape affecting driving education is complex. Car insurance premiums, for instance, have steadily risen. Some of our instructors have experienced significant increases, with premiums increasing by over £600 annually. This trend highlights a concerning pattern within our industry.

Adapting to Industry Challenges

Podium Driving School is deeply concerned about the potential barriers these rising costs pose for future generations seeking driving lessons. To mitigate these challenges, we are exploring options to introduce financing solutions for our customers. This initiative aims to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder access to vital driving education. The other side of the coin here is could this create other issues I.e more debt, we’re searching for more ways to support our communities.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

In addition to financial accessibility, we are constantly evaluating ways to reduce costs for our business & our instructors. This includes implementing efficient scheduling and resource management strategies. By investing in technology and ongoing instructor training, we strive to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high standards of education delivery.

Join Us on the Journey

As driving lessons become increasingly crucial for personal reasons, work and beyond the natural fact of independence, Podium Driving School stands to continue as a beacon of affordability and integrity in our industry.

So, we invite you to join us in these challenging times with a driving school that prioritises your education and respects your everyone’s budget.

Learn More

For more information on our services, current pricing, and seasonal offers, visit or contact us on 0330 133 3930 and discover why Podium Driving School can be a trusted partner in your driver training journey.

Note: Podium Driving School does not engage in profiteering practices related to driving lessons. We are committed to fair pricing and ethical business conduct.

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