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Scott R.

Approved Driving Instructor

Automatic Lessons

Learning with Scott was such a breeze, all of the lessons were really well-structured.

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1 Hour

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1 hour lessons are just £40 per hour.

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Reviewing the Law
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5 Hours

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Thanks for visiting my profile, I'm Scott.

A qualified and DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who works in partnership with Podium Driving School as both a Manual & Automatic Driving Instructor as well as providing Driving Instructor Training.

I provide Automatic Driving Lessons in Dartford, Sidcup & Swanley. I also cover surrounding areas within a 6 mile radius.

Here are a few questions I often get asked.

How long have you been a driving instructor?

I've been teaching category B (cars) for 5 years now. I also have experience in racing & karting too - Engines and all things wheels have always been a source of enjoyment for me.


What are your strengths when it comes to teaching?

Well I firmly believe I coach and mentor rather than teach. I find ways that work for the person, never a one size fits all approach. So with that I find my biggest strength is looking outside of the box and trying a different approach. This could be a diagram, demonstration, video etc. Whatever works is what I say!


What do you enjoy most about being a driving instructor?

The people, absolutely! Either  my learner drivers or the team I work with. I've always been a people person.

When it comes to instruction, it's working with people who truly want to be there, and learn top notch skills for life, not just for the test - This is where my skills, knowledge and expertise are really put to the test. I get a massive sense of pride & enjoyment from seeing people develop.

What do you enjoy outside of driving instructing?

Aside from my family life I love motorcycles. I currently ride a Kawazaki Versys 650. I try to get out on it whenever I can.
As i mentioned previously, I also have a love for fast cars and bikes, so I love watching Formula 1 on the weekend.

What is your top tip for learner drivers?

Practice, Practice, Practice. And don't stop. Learn your art, your road craft. Learn from every opportunity - I never stop learning.

Get the logbook and study hard at home! If you put just as much effort into your home study as you do in the car, I guarantee you'll not only pass faster, you'll be far better skilled than your peers.

The services I offer

Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons
Refresher Driving Lessons

Motorway Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons / Courses

Pass Plus Courses

International Licence Orientation Tuition

Specialist Needs Tuition

Advanced Driving Tuition

Motorcycle Awareness

Driving Test Booking Service

Car & Trailer Training (B+E)

Fleet Courses

UK Familiarisation Courses


  • access to my learner driver app

  • Theory App

  • Cashless Payments

  • Access to additional training materials

  • Discounts on learner driver insurance / new driver insurance

  • Quick test finder / Test cancellation checker

My training vehicle: Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Model

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