UK Theory Test Training Sessions

Looking for some extra support with learning & understanding the road rules, signs or road markings? We've put together a course that's designed to help you passed your Theory Test... First Time!

What's more, we have more techniques, tips and tricks than you can shake a stick at. Using our theory training sessions along side your practical driving lessons and home study, you're setting yourself up for success. 


Why we decided to launch a Theory Training Service

We have discovered that more and more learner drivers were simply just struggling on their own. For various reasons, be it time management, UK road signs, the test itself or generally just the confusing amount of options (Apps / DVDs and books) that are on the market.


With our training sessions, you'll be given the right materials & each session is built to YOUR needs.

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Introductory Session

Your first theory session with us will comprise of setting you on the platforms we use.

Your instructor will also test your existing knowledge and begin to build a course designed specifically for you.


Includes a copy of 'Know your traffic signs' Free of charge

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Theory Training Session

Book a regular theory training session with a qualified Approved Driving Instructor.


Want to know more,

call us on 0330 133 3930

Reviewing the Law
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Theory Test Pro
App Access

Gain access to theory test pro app via Podium


Want to know more,

call us on 0330 133 3930


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the theory sessions take place?

All of our theory training sessions take place at our head office in Dartford.

We do however offer the option to take them via a video call. Bare in mind though, the real benefit and results come from them being face-to-face. With many of our training aids being tangible - hands on!

What will I expect when I arrive for my theory session?

Firstly, don't worry, it's informal and relaxed.

The session will take place in our office located in Dartford (Our address can be found here). 


1. An initial phone call will take place to help us better understand what it is you require assistance with. This could be road signs, road markings or the hazard perception aspect of the test.

We will discuss any training aids you are already using and find out what has worked and what isn't.

2. You'll then be invited to attend the office at a mutually convenient time to take your training session.

Will the session have others learners present?

Normally (pre-Covid19) we would conduct this session in groups of no more than 4.


Considering Social distancing measures, this may mean that groups are smaller than normal. If you have any preference, please tell us when you speak to us so that we can make you as comfortable as possible.


If you would like to bring a friend, that's completely fine too. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. We have a comfy lounge area or outside space for friends or family to wait for you.


If you are under 18, we would require you to bring a parent or guardian.

Who is the trainer?

Our theory & hazard perception trainer is currently, Scott. A qualified and active ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). He is more than happy to take a phone call or receive an email to answer any questions you might have before attending.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no minimum or maximum. It will depend on your individual needs. Everyone learns in different ways and at a different speeds.

We will provide the support you need to succeed. When you're feeling confident that you can pass a mock exam without any support, you're usually ready!

Driving lessons near me?

Our male and female driving instructors cover most of London & Kent.

Take a look to see if we're in your area.

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Theory training sessions are booked specifically for you. If you need to cancel your session, you will need to give at least 48 hours notice. Cancelations after this time will result in the loss of your payment. An administration fee of £5.00 will be applied to all cancellations before 48 hours.

Some things to note

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