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We've Changed

Exciting news! We are thrilled to introduce a new update to our mobile app, which comes with a convenient and secure payment feature.

Now booking and paying for your driving lessons has never been easier. With just a couple of taps on your phone, you can effortlessly make your lesson payment through the same app that you use to manage your lessons. We've worked hard to ensure this is seamless and a hassle-free experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying cash or visiting this page to make your payment and the delay on the updating your credits.

All you need to do... is open TotalDrive, login and hit 'Pay'. Your rates will already be set and your credit will be applied instantly. We'll even send you a receipt electronically too (if we have your email address).

We hope you enjoy the convenience of managing your lesson payments in the palm of your hand.

Download our app today and experience just how easy it really is.

The booking service fee

This covers credit card commissions and maintenance for our services. This fee is chargeable as an additional fee to all forms of payment: Card, Cheque, BACS & Cash.
Every transaction incurs a service fee. Please see below the breakdown of how our service fee is chargeable.
Top-ups between £0-29 = Service Fee £0.89
Top-ups between £30-59 = Service Fee £1.49
Top-ups between £60-99 = Service Fee 1.89
Top-ups of £100+ = Service Fee 1.7% + 15p

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