As a local family run business, we believe our prices reflect what we offer. We keep our overheads as low as we can.
We promise to never be the most expensive but we accept that we will never be the cheapest either, because we offer so much more!
See below for our lesson prices. We offer Manual & Automatic driving lessons from both male and female driving instructors.

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Driving Lessons

1 hour from £30

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Theory Test Training

Plenty of options

from £15.00 per session


Face to face theory support and training sessions.

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Driving Lessons

1 hour from £38.50

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Test Day

Car Hire & Lesson

from £115.00


Includes:​ Pre-test lesson, Car Hire & Fuel, Test Day Insurance​, Test Debrief, Return home

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Driving Lessons

from £240.00

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& Emergency Workers

5% Off

Receive 5% off your first booking. A big thank you from us all at Podium.

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Want to pass your driving test quickly?

We offer a range of intensive driving courses to help you get on the road quickly.

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Driving lessons near me?

Our male and female driving instructors cover most of London & Kent.

Take a look to see if we cover your area.

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Same Qualification?

Many learner students and their parents assume that all Driving Schools and Driving Instructors are the same! After all, they are qualified and trained to prepare you to pass your driving test, aren’t they? 

We're different!

There are many Instructors work as sole traders / proprietors and have no requirement for ongoing training / CPDs or follow any best practice policies. In fact, many independent Instructors never take any further training from the day that they qualified.

We ensure our instructors are kept up to date with modern teaching methods and encourage further education and qualifications regularly.


We opened our doors to training Driving Instructors during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This was the only way we can guarantee to recruited the very best Instructors -  Teaching / Coaching and Mentoring and generally bringing out the best in them ourselves. 


All of our in-house trained instructors now have an opportunity to work their way through our very own Instructor Training Academy.

Client Centred Driving Lessons

Your driving lessons will adhere to the DVSA’s client centred policy.  We will include interactive aspects as well as plenty of opportunities to have input into how the lesson develop. This policy eliminates many frustrations

that students encounter with large amounts of time parked at the kerbside and endless hours of

aimless driving around with no firm lesson objective.


Hopefully, we have been able to enlighten you as to why driving lesson prices vary enormously and explain why Driving Instructors are not all the same. Purchasing what appear to be ‘cheap’ lessons and a good deal is tempting, especially when on a tight budget, but like most things in life, there is often a hidden cost to cheap and that is quite often a much longer learning period, frustration at the lack of progress and the expense of a failed test and having to take further lessons.

All lessons must be paid for in full at least 48 hours in advanced.

Driving Lessons throughout London & Kent

Looking for local driving lessons or a local driving instructor?

We deliver top notch lessons to people all over the south and south east. Have a look at our latest testimonials / google reviews or even Trustpilot for more!