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Children in Need
with the
Big Learner Relay

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About the Big Learner Relay

Driving Instructors across Country Raise Funds for BBC Children in Need with The Big Learner Relay


Hampshire driving instructor Louise Walsh is the inspiration behind ‘The Big Learner Relay for Children in Need’ planned for November this year.


This two-week event, now in its ninth year, features driving instructors and pupils across the country all getting together to raise money for Children in Need


Driving Instructors will be relaying a Pudsey top box, (the kind that driving instructors have on the roof of their cars), from one driving lesson to another around the country.


On the last day of the relay which falls on BBC Children in Need appeals day planned for Friday 18th November, we will relay into our grand finale destination to complete a lap of the fabulous Goodwood Race Circuit.


12 days, 3000+ miles, over 170 lead driving lessons and many thousands of instructors and pupils joining the convoy! With many months of planning, the route will cover in the region of 3,000 miles and driving instructors have been preparing to take part since June.


Each instructor will come up with ways to raise funds in whichever way works for them, their pupils and their businesses. Some are getting together and are going to do something as a local group, some are working with local driving instructor associations, and some are just doing things within their franchises or on their own.

Ideas so far include sponsored lessons, fancy dress lessons, PJs for Pudsey and car washes.

For more information on how to get involved please visit

To arrange an interview with Louise Walsh please email or call 07783 529797.

Podium to lead the way


Scott at Podium Driving School, has been requested to lead the convoy in Kent. It's also one of the final legs of the relay.

We will be bearing the iconic 'yellow Pudsey head board' from Dartford to Chatham on the 17th November 2022.

Our aim is to raise awareness & funds of Children in Need as we approach the start date in November. All of our vehicles will bear the Pudsey coloured spots, of which you are welcome to sponsor in the form of a donation - enabling you to proudly sign the spot.

How to donate

You can make a donation direct to your driving instructor or use the information below.

Test 'PASS' & your donation to 70085

e.g 'PASS10' to donate £10

Please ensure you let us know if you text to donate, so we can keep track of the funds we raise as a driving school.

Want to take part?

We welcome applicants from our learner drivers currently taking driving lessons from us to drive the Big Learner Relay in one of our spotty cars! Just ask your instructor. 

Please mind, you will need to be almost test standard to take part.

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Ready to start learning to drive?

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