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Drive all Sidcup driving test centre routes today

To make driving tests more representative of real-life driving, the DVSA no longer publishes official test routes. However, as driving instructors who regularly use and observe UK driving tests, we have compiled as many as we can for you that have been used recently at the Sidcup (London) driving test centre and many more.

Our .GPX files are compatible with modern devices such as PC, Garmin, iPhone, Tomtom and Mac devices.

Remember... The independent part of the UK driving test isn't assessing your ability to follow instructions, but your ability to keep you and over road users safe. Remembering routes and directions is not what is important here. However a little local knowledge of the area can be seen as beneficial.

If you are not sure of a direction given to you by the examiner or the SatNav, then do ask the examiner to repeat. Going off route will not impact your driving test result, so long as you have taken the incorrect route, safely.

Our routes are available for just £11.99

Once payment has been received, you will receive a link to download your routes to your preferred GPS app or device.

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