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How do I Fast Track my driving test?

It's a question that is getting asked more and more often, possibly due to the pandemic, lockdowns and the shear length of waiting times for practical driving tests.

We'll go through a number of ideas below to help you get that driving test earlier rather than later!

Remember, it's not possible to pay the DVSA a fee to fast track your driving test, the only other option would be to regularly log on to their website and manually check, when you have the time of course. The follow options make this a much easier process!

1. Ask your driving instructor

If like us, your driving instructor manages their learners bookings, it may be possible that they have another test booked in place with someone else in mind. However, what can happen is that the candidate isn't quite ready for their driving test and they be able to swap it for you. Neat right?

Your driving instructor really is the best person to go to in the first instance for most things driving related.

If for whatever reason they do not or they simply don't know how, give us a call, we'll be happy to help!

2. Pay a third-party to do it for you

There are many Apps / Platforms & Schools who will charge a fee (some more than others & some better).

Find an earlier driving test
Driving Test Genie

We advise to choose carefully and check the criteria of their searches too! We have used and still use some ourselves from time to time. This is usually because we only normally book learners in for tests when their ready, but these times are different!

Check out Driving Test Genie - They offer a simple yet powerful service to scan regularly for either Theory or Practical Driving Tests for a small fee. Use our code below for £3 off too!

Another option could be Testi - Testi offer a similar service too - no freebies here though.

3. Ask Us - Podium!

We have many years experience dealing with fast track test, intensive driving courses and are well versed in getting things done pronto!

Usually driving test cancellations will only show up on the DVSA website for a matter of moments, you have to move fast. This is where a driving school and their experience really come into their own, use them! Your lesson prices include access to the very people who live, eat and breathe driver training.

We offer a discounted service to existing customers, but if your not one of ours, we can still help!

driving lesson in a carpark with cones
Driving test wait times increasing

Current driving test wait times

Because of the pandemic and the national restrictions affecting driver training and testing, the current average wait time for a practical driving test is approximately 5-6 months.

If your in a hurry of have had your test pushed further and further back, use one of the options above and get your licence sooner rather than later.

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